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Guide for Bulk Jobs posters.

Welcome to the jobs section of Connected Cambridge.

How does the bulk jobs posting service work?

Posting organisations sign up with us for a period of 6 months at a time and point us to the jobs that they have advertised on their own site.

Our robot (we call it Cyril) visits your site every day , takes an agreed number of jobs starting at the top of the page and working down, then builds them into the Connected Cambridge jobs page. At the end of each week it e-mails the contents of this page to our registered users (we are by far the largest Cambridge group on LinkedIN). Partner organisations inlcuding our good friends at Cambridge Technology Review also feed this content to their members.

How much does it cost?

The basic service .. Which takes up to ten jobs from your site starts at £150+VAT for 6 months.  Additional blocks of 10 can be added at a lower fee (details on request from info@connectedcambridge.com).

We invoice you once the service is up and running.

Why should I sign up and post here?

* We do all the work from here on!! You save time each week, because you do not have to ‘post’ anything into our site ever again!!

* Value for money!! Ours is  a pay for what you need service .. Cheaper than newspapers and national websites. You are not buying many more jobs than you need and other membership services which you don’t want.

* Reach! Targeting! Always up to date! Our daily updating robot ensures that the freshest data from your site is on Connected Cambridge —we are building a reputation for being more up to date than other Cambridge region boards. Since 2009 Connected Cambridge signed up over 4000 local members (real people, not just Cyril's friends) who receive our e-letters and look at our content.

Want to show your boss?

Download and print out this flyer .. It includes a picture of Cyril!

Some caveats

While this site works for 95% of the customer sites we have tried it on, there are some sites that we have not been able to ‘crack’ yet. If you sign up and yours is one we will say ‘sorry’ and not take your money ..but work behind the scenes to understand and fix the problem!

Questions, Want to Sign-up?

Call us on 01223 850173 during office hours. We look forward to hearning from you,


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